Inflection point.

George Floyd’s murder and the resultant widespread protests have been called an inflection point ― a significant turning point in our country’s history.

Barack Obama, speaking of change, used the phrase when he said, “It depends on us, on the choices we make, particularly at certain inflection points in history—particularly when big changes are happening.”

Is this in fact an inflection point, a turning point? Are big changes really happening? And if so, what can we do to encourage change? As Obama says, “It depends on us, on the choices we make.”

One choice you might consider is to urge members of your family and your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues to join our NAACP Chapter.

Family and friends who may never have considered joining (after all, you’re “carrying the flag,” right) may be more receptive now that they have witnessed this surge in America’s awakening to the oppression and the injustices suffered by African Americans.

With your help, our chapter has grown in size and influence. As a consequence, we have been able to flex our growing muscle and influence a variety of race relations events and initiatives. There is, as the saying goes, strength in numbers.


Photo by Alexas Fotos from Pexels.