Be A Champion for Change! Become a Member

 Membership in the NAACP means joining the leading civil rights organization in the nation. By lending your name and your energy to the NAACP, you stand with other members on the front line of change.
Members form a strong network of hundreds of thousands of motivated people to take a stand for justice in every state, city and locality. A stronger NAACP with a larger more active membership is this country’s best hope for ensuring equity and advancement of our goals.
Now over 100 years old, the NAACP is persisting in its fight for social justice and equity for all people. Members like you will help the NAACP achieve its goals. Some of the recent victories include the following:
  • Curtail voter suppression
  • Shed light on racial profiling and call for an end to “Stop and Frisk” policies
  • Register a record number of voters and engage 1.2 million voters across the nation in 2012
  • Bring more attention to health disabilities like obesity and HIV
  • Provide financial education, banking, and combat discrimination
  • Continue advocacy to repeal the death penalty, and much, much more.
As a member, you will receive many benefits aside from the knowledge that you stand with other members seeking equality. You are entitled to:
  • A subscription to the Crisis Magazine
  • A vote for Annual Image Awards winners


Membership Rates:

Annual Corporate Memberships are available for $5,000. Lifetime memberships are also available. 

Send the completed membership form with your check to Windham/Willimantic NAACP Branch (2016b#), PO Box 412, Willimantic, CT 06226.