Political Action

Justice For Kyron Sands

The Branch Political Action Committee is not your typical Political Action Committee (PAC). Most PACs in the US are organizations formed to raise money privately to influence elections or legislation, especially at the federal level.  Our Political Action Committee focuses on bills in the Connecticut Legislature of most concern to our large Northeast Connecticut membership. We do not donate to political campaigns. We work to educate our members and the public on political topics.

Desegregate CT

An act concerning zoning authority, certain design guidelines, qualifications of certain land use officials and certain sewage disposal systems

Prison Gerrymandering

An act concerning the counting of incarcerated persons for purposes of determining legislative districts

Clean Slate Legislation

An act concerning clean slate and automatic erasure of criminal records

Declare Racism A Public Health Crisis

An act declaring racism as a public health crisis and establishing the commission on racial equity in public health

Protect Distressed Municipalities

An act concerning environmental air quality

Equitable Education Funding

Proposal For Equitable Education Funding In Connecticut

Police Accountability Modifications

Members of the Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to update the standard for deadly use of force within the 2020 Police Accountability law. The change would delay the provisions concerning use of force by a peace officer enacted as part of public act 20-1, An Act Concerning Police Accountability.