Protect Distressed Municipalities

HB 6551 – An Act Concerning Environmental Air Quality.

Official summary: To establish a working group that will identify disadvantaged communities for purposes of greenhouse gas reduction implications and to amend the environmental justice statute to enable disapproval of facility and permit applications when certain determinations concerning adverse environmental or public health effects are made. (HB 5813 merged with HB 6551.)

HB 5813 was merged into HB 6551. The original HB5813 would have ensured that no permit is granted by DEEP or the Siting Council if it would result in cumulative environmental or public health impacts in an already overburdened community, unless the permitted activity served a compelling public purpose in that community. If enacted, HB 6551 would create a diverse working group that would develop criteria to identify disadvantaged communities.

Testimony by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters:

This legislation would establish an environmental equity working group composed of members from communities of color, low-income communities and communities bearing disproportionate pollution and climate change burdens. This working group, in conjunction with the Department of Public Health, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Labor Department will develop criteria to identify disadvantaged communities for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and co-pollutants in those communities.

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